Cummings & Johnson Should Both Go 

Few will have been persuaded by Mr Cummings’ performance in the ‘Rose Garden’. The exceptionism, self pity, ludicrous eye test story and refusal to admit the blatantly obvious breaking of his own instructions to everyone else all stick in the craw. So many issues are raised but one is how the person who is considered by Mr Johnson to be so vital to the running of Government, the genius organiser and strategist, showed such poor judgement. Perhaps this explains why the handling of Covid-19 has gone so disastrously wrong. Also extraordinary that while Mr. Cummings, the man supposedly masterminding the protection of the country from Covid-19, says he believes he and his wife had the virus themselves, neither were tested for it, at any stage! Mr.Cummings has become a serious liability to the Government and if you are wondering why Mr Johnson doesn’t just clear the decks and get rid, it is, in my opinion, because he cannot distance himself sufficiently. The proposition that the chief strategist, the brains behind Johnson, his right hand man could, at a time of crisis, just nip off to Durham for a fortnight without telling the boss, is – well – what do you think? So if Mr.Cummings goes the likelihood is that Mr. Johnson will eventually have to go too.

While we may welcome both the tragedy is that, with or without Cummings and Johnson, the Government’s ability to implement any strategy for controlling Covid-19 has been damaged. One person who is apparently convinced by Mr. Cummings is our very own MP Kevin Hollinrake, who tweeted immediately after the ‘Rose Garden’ press conference, ‘Detailed and fair explanation of events, in my view, time to move on’ If you disagree you may think it appropriate to let Mr. Hollinrake know.


Dr. John Gibbins Seminars:  

This brilliant series continues on Thursdays. Back to the afternoon time of 2.00pm. You will find much to feed your ideas and to discuss. We’ll no doubt be exchanging views on current events, like Mr. Cummings, as well as the seminar topic. They are all very relevant to what is happening now..

28th May. Seminar 7.) Framing and Defaming – Mediazation:

The Circulation of Meaning in Mediated Political Discourse. In this new Digital Age, advantage and hence power lies with those who best management and control of new forms of Media. Even basic facts, evidence, rules, norms and laws are so framed and interpreted by the powerful, that truth, logic, morality and the rule of law are reduced to media slogans and political levers. The circular process within which meanings are now constructed is unpacked and the core stages where Labour can gain traction are identified. Labour have been framed and defamed and will be until the party gets a grip on the logic of media, cultural and ideological communications. The power point is attached. Suggest you print off the flow chart, frame 3, for reference during the seminar. To join the seminar live on Zoom Click this at 2.00. If using a smartphone ring this. +441314601196,,85047937944# or +442030512874,,85047937944#

4th June. Seminar 8.) How to Win Elections Against Conservatives.

Know your enemy and how they operate. Find out how to counter each and every move. Work out the components of an election winning strategy. Contemporary elections do not conform to the old formats. Narrating and framing increasingly trump policies and arguments in election campaigns. New Politics is replacing Old Politics fast and Labour need to adjust or continue to loose. This talk will end with a proposed narrative and some suggested frames for us and some defames for them. Zoom links to follow.

11th June. Seminar 9.) Populism and how it can be defeated.

The main beneficiaries of the new media age are populist parties and movements, such as UKIP, BREXIT Party, Trump, Erdogan and Oban. This talk unpacks the character of populism, how it works and why it is so successful in attracting democratic support. Whether and how Labour should adopt more populist tactics, will engage the last part of the talk. Zoom links to follow.


Constituency Quiz 2nd June 7.00pm

Steve Plews is hosting again. Do join in to raise money for local NHS workers and Ryedale Foodbank.  Join us at 7.00 on Zoom by Clicking this Link. If using a smartphone ring +442034815237,,84225322706#  or 442034815240,,84225322706#


Best wishes, Mick Johnston Secretary of Thirsk & Malton Constituency Labour Party

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