Full Covid-19 Death Stats Out

The Government is now including deaths outside hospitals in their published figures. Although they are still not up to date it looks like getting on for 10,000 deaths have been cumulatively excluded bringing the true total deaths to date to around 30,000. This death rate shows the UK to be the worst affected country so far, including the USA, which has had twice as many deaths but has six times our population. We had opportunities to deal effectively with Covid-19, which would have saved many thousands of lives, but Johnson and his government chose not to take them.  While people can be taken in by bluster a virus can’t. We must now support the Government’s efforts to control the virus, including continued social restrictions, but we cannot allow them to dodge culpability for the many deaths they could have prevented.

History of the Labour Party: 30th   April 2.00pm.

Dr John Gibbins’ seminars are really great. I strongly recommend you find time to take part live or catch up with the recordings. Tomorrow John is dealing with the History of the Labour Party. ‘The origins of the Labour Party were an exciting and collaborative adventure that brought together diverse groups and organizations into an election winning political party in the 1930’s. The recovery of this story will allow us to engage better in the urgent task of renewing the Party to be the next Government of Britain.’ Click this at 2.00 on 30th April to join the History of the Labour Party Seminar.

7th May 2.00pm. Socialism: its history and philosophy.

Dr John says: ‘The history of socialism allows us an insight into the challenges faced in organizing diverse groups into a single political party. The Soul of Socialism is so fought over that its existing body often seems exhausted, some even predicting its near death. But there are core aims, values and principles that unite all socialists and which can provide the road map for renewing the Left in Europe and Britain in the face of a rising wave of right orientated parties and policies. The purpose of the talk is to identify the shared identity or core of beliefs and policies that make up the Family that is Socialism. What do we believe, what are we working for? Click this at 2.00 on 7th May to join the Socialism Seminar.

The seminars are hosted by Mark White on Zoom. Please call Mark on: 07831 306795 if you have any problems getting connected.

You can now download the recorded seminar ‘Know Thine Enemy’. Takes about ten minutes to download.

General Secretary & NEC

Unfortunately had no reply from Jennie Formby to the letter we sent to her on 19th April, reported in Bulletin 56. However the NEC did hold a special meeting on 23rd April to set the terms of reference for the independent enquiry into the ‘Leaked Party report on handling of ant-semitism complaints’. See below. Note that the investigation will now give highest priority to looking at the misconduct alleged by the report, which addresses one of our concerns. It has also been reported Labourlist , that during the meeting it was made clear by Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner that the inquiry does not preclude disciplinary action by the party. Also of interest to us that the meeting was held via Zoom. This presumably means it is also OK for us to use Zoom to make key decisions, thus addressing another of our concerns.

Full text of the terms of reference as amended and agreed by the NEC on 23rd April 2020.

The panel shall investigate and report on:

The truth or otherwise of the main allegations in the report (the panel shall determine which are the most significant allegations which require investigation but they shall include the extent of racist, sexist and other discriminatory culture within Labour Party workplaces, the attitudes and conduct of the senior staff of the Labour Party, and their relationships with the elected leadership of the Labour Party);

The background and circumstances in which the report was commissioned, written and circulated within the Labour Party, with its advisers and any other individuals external to the Labour Party, including the question of the purpose for which the report was commissioned and prepared, and the circumstances in which the report was put into the public domain; and

The structure, culture and practices of the Labour Party organisation including the relationship between senior party staff and the elected leadership of the Labour Party, as the panel think appropriate having regard to their investigation as a whole.

And the panel shall make such recommendations as it considers appropriate concerning the organisation and structures of the Labour Party, arising out of its investigation, recognising that Labour Party structures are covered in rule.

Music and Tales from Our Members

Every day some of our members are performing from their repertoires to help pass the lock down time for you – and for themselves. Tim Moon is telling his Miles and Miles and Miles of music story on his Facebook Page and Ruth and Neil Hannah are performing ‘Musical Memories’ every day at 11.00  at  ‘Musical memories in Your Home’

If any other members are providing online entertainment please let me know so I can let others know.

Next Quiz: Tuesday 5th May. 7.00pm.

Zoom link to follow and will be posted in Events on the Website. The Quizzes have raised £50 for NHS and Foodbanks so far.

Best wishes, Mick Johnston Secretary of Thirsk & Malton Constituency Labour Party



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